[“Decompose it and recompose it, until we distill the infinite SUPERDRAGON.”]



POP is now undead. POP is a zombie that feeds on the entertainment industry but its purpose has been lost.

Next stop: METAPOP.

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METAPOP is the cycle that re-invents itself. We are facing a new birth of the human race, a re-invention. The synthetic being  - the SUPERDRAGON – is becoming the centre of the universe.

We are experiencing the solidification of a parallel reality.

The human being is becoming a spectator of the new almost-human, which absorbs everything, grows inside of us, feeds from us and and in turn regenerates us.

The SUPERDRAGON is a fantastic creature that started with the birth of the comic book, with Little NemoSupermanKrazy Kat, etc., and the potent possibility of creating golems on pulp paper.

The human being as we knew him, is changing, is being reborn. The centre of our universe today is the child born of silicon and comics.

Art needs to stop turning its back on this metamorphosis; better put, to the fantastic and overwhelming power of this phenomenon. It must stop turning its back on art’s own nature: the human condition as its steps through the fog.

One of the great vital potentials of art is the capacity, dare I say, the obligation of experiencing and transmitting the infinite; it must be capable of talking to us from the mystery which we are unable to put into words.

METAPOP breathes our real world and absorbs all that magnificent energy and redirects it with a pure and idealistic goal: to make a self that is vital and infinite.


["The centre of our universe today is the child born from silicon and comics."]


It is the year 5523, humanity is living a new cycle.  The civilization that we know today died many years before. Few traces remain of what we were. What were once New York and Shanghai are now marvelous ruins under the sea, and similar mega constructions appear in places around the planet and are visited by tourists who let themselves be carried away by the weight of that mysterious past. But not much more is left from those bygone centuries. Not much more than legends  - embodied in worn objects and faded images – of fantastic beings with superhuman ability, with names like SupermanFlashBatman, Spider ManHellboyBuzz LightyearSandmanPikachuBugs BunnyThe Mario BrothersMegamanAstroboy, etc.  These magnificent beings lived among humans throughout history and were protectors who established moral values and imperatives.

Illustrated narrations and photographs show everyday scenes of our coexistence with these creatures. Even more, some recordings of moving images with sound were also recovered, making the myth of this fantastic world even stronger.

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 ["These magnificent beings lived among humans throughout history and were protectors who established moral values and imperatives."]


I am talking about the myth of Ryunosuke’s Dragon: the Old Potter’s Tale, in which the rumor of a dragon is as real and potent as, well, the real thing.  Those legends are today’s SUPERDRAGONS – legends of the future…

These SUPERDRAGONS tell us who we are and what we can become.

I say we dive into the heart of contemporary visual symbolism. Decompose it and recompose it, until we distill the infinite SUPERDRAGON: fantastic, impossible synthetic beings that move through hypnotic colors and super-mandalas. Born in superhero comic books, videogames, toys and merchandising, in animated cartoons, in the film and entertainment industries, the SUPERDRAGON possesses a  power that can recreate reality and therefore is capable of regenerating the human condition.


Inaki Miranda
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